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Leasing a Home


In the appraisal process, buyers have different approaches and needs than sellers. An appraisal is a vital tool to spot potential flaws in the property. You want it to be thorough and you need to read it objectively and pay serious attention to any potential problems, despite how much you might like the house.  If you are financing your new home, the appraisal must match or exceed the sales price because lenders won’t provide a mortgage for more than the home is worth. If you think the appraisal is too low and you have the cash, you can either renegotiate the sales price or pay the difference.  Even if you are paying cash, it’s very important to buy subject to an appraisal. Also, before putting your home on the market, I recommend getting a home inspection and fixing any adverse conditions.  And no matter how many times you’ve bought or sold a home, it never hurts to have a checklist.  Click here for our printable list. 

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With the recent rise in interest rates, more sellers are selling their homes themselves instead of going through a realtor. If you are going that route we can help fill the expertise gap by giving you an objective, professional assessment of your home’s value. A professional appraisal can give you a negotiating edge and reassure buyers because you can show them written proof to back your asking price. And if it happens that we find problems, we can alert you ahead of time to keep your sale on track.  While on site conducting an appraisal, we have a special service advising homeowners on cost-efficient remodels before they ever put their homes on the market. For more on that, click on “remodel for value”.

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